Travel Giveaway: See the World with NatGeo and Wyndham

Today at How to Travel for Free, Keith and I are opening a new Travel Giveaway contest! The contest is to introduce a new book by National Geographic, and Wyndham Worldwide’s fabulous Women on Their Way program. (Note: This contest is now closed)

NatGeo’s latest book, 100 COUNTRIES, 5,000 IDEAS: Where to Go, When to Go, What to See, What to Do offers suggestions for the must-see and must-do in 100 destinations from Alaska to Thailand to Madagascar. It’s a large-format, lavishly illustrated, softcover travel planner zeroes in on the top 100 most fascinating places. Each country is thoroughly reported on and vetted —from Brazil, Belgium, and Bulgaria to Thailand, Turkey, and Tanzania —describing each country’s highlights and ideas on what to do there. Valuable reader service sets this book apart, including a section that helps travelers select a destination based on their interests—whether they’re looking for a three-week dream vacation, a weekend excursion, or something in between. The contest winner receives a free copy of this book!

But that’s not all – Women on Their Way by Wyndham Worldwide is providing the means for the winner to visit one of the 100 Places of their choice. Wyndham is awarding 75,000 Wyndham Rewards loyalty points – this is enough for 3 nights at a top, all-inclusive Tier 5 property; or up to 12 nights at a Tier 1 property! So you can check out Hong Kong or Jamaica, New York or Tunisia. Wyndham’s Women on Their Way program is the longest-running branded program entirely dedicated to female travelers. It’s an online resource for business and leisure travelers to find everything they need to plan and book their next trip.

So, how do you win this fabulous Giveaway? It’s pretty simple – just complete the steps below:

  1. Like How to Travel for Free and Women on Their Way on Facebook, then share this page on Facebook – OR – follow Travel for Free and Women on Their Way on twitter, and then tweet this post.
  2. Leave a comment on this post, letting us know where you posted (your facebook or twitter page). Also on this comment, tell us where in the world you would love to go, if you won this contest!

Good luck, and travel well!

Shelley & Keith


About Shelley Seale

Shelley is a wanderer and student of the world, yoga chick, voracious reader and dog lover. She pounds the keyboard as a freelance writer, author and publication designer, based in Austin, Texas when she isn't traipsing around the globe. Shelley has written for National Geographic, USA Today, The Guardian, The Week, Fodor's, The Telegraph and Texas Monthly, among others. Shelley has performed a catch on the flying trapeze, boarded down a live volcano, and was once robbed by a monkey in India. But she doesn’t know how to whistle.
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44 Responses to Travel Giveaway: See the World with NatGeo and Wyndham

  1. Published to FB, hope to get to Greek Islands


  2. Kelsey says:

    I posted on my facebook. I’d love to go to New Zealand, Argentina (or anywhere in South America) Anywhere where I can hike, see great places, meet great people. I am studying french, so id also love to go to a Francophone country and get some practice in.


  3. Sandy Seale says:

    I would love to go to Santorini or any one of a million other awesome places I’ve not had the opportunity to go to thus far. Ready to leave at a moments notice 😉


  4. Leah Robl says:

    I retweeted this. I would love to go to Greece. The culture seems so rich and full of life. I would also like to go to the Philippines. I am at the point in my life where I have a window of opportunity to really take advantage of this if given the chance. Hope you consider me!


  5. Dawnene Harper says:

    Hi Shelley and Keith,
    I’ve posted and shared on Facebook, I really want to win!!!!


    • Dawnene Harper says:

      Oh, I want to go to Thailand or Nepal to see the amazing Buddhist Temples and culture. I want to go to the monks in Thailand and get a ritual tattoo 🙂


  6. Amy Norwood says:

    Awesome information! Makes me want to pack up and go right now!! Thanks! I will post on facebook!


  7. Margie Odom says:

    I have had a lifelong dream to travel to Ireland. Would be so great.


  8. Warren Robinson says:

    Posted on Twitter – would love to check out New Zealand!!


  9. Shannon Schulte says:

    I tweeted and I follow both! If I could go anywhere, I’d love to visit Alaska and see the wildlife.


  10. mineola says:

    New Zealand & Costa Rica top my wish list for places to travel to & enjoy an extended stay, though the Greek Islands remain a perpetual dream. And Saint Lucia appeals to my more decadent side!

    I posted to Twitter, here:!/mineola/status/50619522738163712


  11. Hadissah Magoncia says:

    Followed and tweeted both! @sweetheartx14
    I would love to go to Greece for the architecture and scenic ocean views.


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  13. ashley henry says:

    I am the founder/president of MochaMommies LLC. A network and lifestyle brand committed to providing inspiration motivation and encouragement to moms of multi ethnic backgrounds. So I would use these points to travel to any of the many countries our brand represents (africa, brazil, india, asia, etc). Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!


  14. Nicole Carrington says:

    Hi! I posted and Twitter and i would looove to go to Morocco…


  15. Nicole Carrington says:

    Hi! I posted on Twitter and would looove to go to Morocco…


  16. Deanna Lewis says:

    I shared this page on my facebook. What a decision to make but I think I would go to South Africa. It has just about everything great culture, great music, great beaches, great wine and safari =). If not South Africa definitly the Greek Isles.


  17. So many great destinations! I echo a lot of you – would love to go to New Zealand, South Africa and the Greek Islands. Sounds like Greece tops a lot of people’s list. Keep the great travel ideas coming – we can’t wait to give away this fabulous prize!


  18. sharon says:

    Where in the world would I love to go! Wow I would love to go to Mozambique, they have beautiful beaches!


  19. Elisabeth says:

    Thank you for this giveaway! I liked both pages on FB and also shared this post (Elisabeth Good) If I won I would use this on my trip to Italy next year! I’m glad to have found this blog, it will be helpful. 🙂


  20. Thanks for sharing this site. I have liked both on Facebook and shared also. What a great opportunity this would be for a novice such as I. My dream, if I won this trip, would be to travel to Greece or Bali to explore the Islands. I have recently rediscovered my passion for photography and have explored the idea of being a travel writer! Being involved for so long with film there were challenges to overcome going to digital. My passion has allowed me to develop a style that I never thought possible. As one explores different regions there is much to learn from the locals who live there and I would be honored to share my experience with the world! Oh, BTW, today is my birthday, so maybe I will be lucky!!


  21. bianca says:

    Hello, I posted on facebook and I would love, love, LOVE to take my sweetie to Tahiti before our first baby arrives! 😀


  22. Amy Kotouch says:

    Twitted it. @kotouchdouche Travel Giveaway: See the World with NatGeo and Wyndham:

    Would love love love to go to PARIS.


  23. Mary says:

    I posted the link on Facebook. There are so many places I want to visit, but London has been at the top of my list for ages.


  24. Michelle Humason says:

    I am a single woman who travels alone and I’m totally excited about the book. I cant wait to get a copy.


  25. Michelle says:

    Good Evening,

    I posted on facebook. I would enjoy traveling to South Africa!


  26. Natasha Redding says:

    I posted on facebook and I would LOVE to travel to any of the 100 places.


  27. Lorri says:

    Posted to FB!!


  28. Shana says:

    I love to go to Italy or Australia. I re-tweeted the link (@ShanaAnn).


  29. Well, even though I hate “the Twitter”, I just followed you and retweeted it was the last day to enter the contest. Also liked both on FB.

    Sweet contest!


  30. Thanks everyone for entering! The contest is now closed, and a winner will be drawn at random and announced soon.


  31. And our winner of this FABULOUS giveaway by Wyndham’s Women on their Way program and National Geographic is….Bianca! We hope this will enable you and your husband to visit Tahiti before your baby arrives!

    The NatGeo book “100 Countries 5000 Ideas” says of Tahiti:
    “Tahitian women, the emerald ocean, and the perfume of Tahitian flowers may linger in one’s mind – reinforced by the influence of painter Paul Gauguin. The beauty of this earthly paradise, with its 118 islands, remains.”

    Congratulations Bianca – I hope the rest of you will continue to follow up for upcoming Travel Giveaways, and of course our insider methods and resources for Traveling Free – or pretty damn near it!


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  33. Suzie Miller says:

    Liked and shared on FB

    Want to see Patagonia or do the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal



  34. Leigh Ann Dubie says:

    Oh to just travel around the world in more than 80 days seeing everything that was available. I posted on Facebook and having travelled some while on active duty it is such a pleasure to see other areas that bring out the beauty of the earth.


  35. Kelly says:

    Posted on FB. My husband and I are high school sweethearts and just celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary. We have 4 beautiful children, 2 of which have special needs, but we wouldn’t change our lives for a minute! The only thing we wish we had gotten was a honeymoon! We would love to go to either the Bahamas or Italy.


  36. Lauren says:

    I posted on Facebook, and I would love to go to Greece, specifically to see Athena’s temple. My reasoning behind that is because I grew up in a not so great area, and my schooling really lacked in teaching us to read or write. I was far behind most of my classmates because of it, until I discovered Greek mythology. I got so into it that I forced myself to learn words I knew no meaning of. Now I’m a University Graduate, the first in my family and I kind of have always attributed that to the Greek myths. So that is why it’s my number one place, and Athena being the Goddess of Wisdom also seems very fitting. Also I have my own youtube cooking show, so it would be awesome to learn how to cook authentic Greek dishes.


  37. camryn says:

    I just followed you and Twitter, retweeted it. Also liked both on FB, and shared with a few friends via email. I would love to go to India; Peru; New Zealand; Thailand; Israel or Burma. Thank you for your work!! It is inspiring.


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