How To Travel For Free (or pretty damn near it!) has been featured in the following media:

Washington Times – Columnist Andrea Poe interviews us about home exchange, which we use frequently and talk about extensively in the book.

Washington Times – Columnist Andrea Poe interviews us about researching low-cost travel, frequent flyer plans and packing tips.

Chicago Tribune – The “Frugal Traveler” Myscha Theriault shares how to see Seattle on a shoestring budget, with plenty of tips from free travel expert Shelley Seale.

The Professional Hobo – Travel writer Nora Dunn highlights our book, and how the tips and resources in it work well for even seasoned travelers!

GoNomad – Awesome website for experiential, independent travel shares some of our best methods for traveling as close to free as possible.

Trekhound – The resource for independent travelers shares “7 Ways you can Travel for Free” from Shelley and Keith’s book.

Digital Journal – Shares How to Travel for Free‘s money-saving tip of using certificates to shave the dining out budget while traveling.

Travel Writers Exchange – A community of travel writers, bloggers, and journalists, spearheaded by a group of experienced world travelers.

Travel Insights 100 – Insights from a select panel of 100 experts from across the travel sector and from around the world.

Just Say Go – A travel e-zine from Montreal, publishes travel related stories from around the world.

Her Exchange – The modern woman’s e-magazine that serves as a community for purposeful women.

Living Holistically – Christine Garvin’s website about incorporating all aspects of yourself – your mind, body, spirit, community and environment.

Mother of All Trips – This great family travel planning site helps people bring the world to their kids, and their kids to the world.

Trip Atlas – Discover the world, share your experience.

Wandering Educators – A global community of educators, sharing travel experiences.

World Footprints – A division of Travel’n On Media Productions, celebrating responsible travel, culture and heritage. Web, radio and TV.

Do It While You’re Young – A website for young women from the ages of 18-35 designed to inspire and guide readers to travel, study, work, and volunteer abroad.


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