How To Order

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1. PDF e-book – $9.99

Our new, Updated 2nd Edition is now available as an electronic PDF book! More than 30 pages added, with entirely new sections and completely updated resources, tips, methods and examples of how we travel for free!     The 103-page book in PDF format is immediately available for download with no shipping costs for $9.99.

Download E-Book



2. Softcover Printed Book – $14.99

If you would like a softcover print copy of How to Travel for Free (or pretty damn near it!) Updated 2nd Edition, you can order it from CreateSpace Publishing (an company) for $14.99 plus shipping.

Order Print Version


3. Kindle – $9.99

You can download the Kindle version of our Updated 2nd Edition immediately at Amazon, for $9.99 (no shipping). Available for all generations of Kindle, iPad and iPhone.

Kindle Version

If you prefer to order the print version directly on, due to gift certificates, shipping offers or other reasons, please click the link below. It’s the same paperback book that you would get at CreateSpace Publishing.

6 Responses to How To Order

  1. Karl Gilbert says:

    how about showing the table of contents and preview pages?


    • Keith Hajovsky says:

      Hi Karl,

      You can view the table of contents and a few preview pages on our book’s Amazon page by clicking on “Click to LOOK INSIDE!” towards the top left of the page. And I cut and pasted the table of contents below.

      Table of Contents

      Introduction 3
      How To Use This Book 5
      Your Money or Your Time 7
      Transportation 11
      Airplanes 11
      Trains 18
      Cars 19
      Bus Lines 24
      Boats/Ferries 25
      Bicycling 26
      Walking 29
      Hitchhiking 30
      Accommodations 33
      Hotels 33
      Bed & Breakfast Inns 34
      Vacation Rentals 35
      Hostels 35
      Monasteries & Convents 38
      Farms & Agricultural Stays 38
      Homestays/Couch Surfing/Hospitality Exchanges 39
      Home Exchanges 41
      House Sitting & Caretaker Services 46
      Friend Network 48
      Creative Ways to Travel 51
      Working as You Travel 51
      Volunteering 53
      Bartering 56
      Becoming a Reviewer/Shopper 57
      Contests & Sweepstakes 57
      Jobs, Vacations & Sabbaticals 59


  2. Just purchased the book, will read and review later. Happy holidays!


  3. Tiffany says:

    Hello, I am currently planning my trip to India and could use all the help I can get. All ideas are welcomed


    • Hi Tiffany, India is one of our favorite places – we’ve both been many times and are heading back this fall. That said, we really don’t offer travel planning services here, but Keith does have his own travel consulting page at if you’d like to check it out. India is amazing and I hope you have a great time!


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