Live Overseas For A Better Life For Half The Price!

book cover 400pxIf you or anyone you know (makes a great gift!) is thinking about moving to another country to have a lower cost, less stressful life while also living really well, then I highly suggest Tim Leffel’s book A Better Life For Half The Price.

Tim is a veteran travel writer who really knows his stuff. When I was dreaming up my two year’s of travel back in 2004 his book, The World’s Cheapest Destinations: 21 Countries Where Your Money Is Worth A Fortune was one of my go-to resources. And although I am not looking to move permanently overseas (yet!), after reading this new book of his I have already recommended it to several close friends who are seriously thinking about taking the living abroad plunge.

As I said, when it comes to budget travel and living abroad on less money Tim is an expert. He has circled the globe several times, and he’s actually lived and worked in several different countries as well (including the good ‘ole, but very expensive, US of A). He spent time in every country profiled in this book, and he also drew upon the real-life experiences of more than 50 other expatriates who have lived and worked in these countries.

The book is pretty much the perfect primer for anyone thinking about moving abroad to a less expensive country who also wants to have a high quality of life. Tim goes through better_life_300-textthe pros and cons of living abroad (quite frankly, it isn’t for everyone), and it likewise goes through the pros and cons of living in each of the countries he covers. The book also talks about some of the typical issues that just about any expat has to deal with – things such as family life and pets abroad, making a living, getting a visa, etc.

Of course there is no substitute for actually visiting a country that you are considering living in, and ideally you should live somewhere for a short while before going all in (covered in Chapter 5 actually). But this book can save you or someone else countless hours of research, and get you to a place of being able to easily hone in on the best countries to consider for your needs and wants. And to top it off, Tim’s writing style is fun and engaging as well, making it a great read.

Warning: If you havn’t thought of moving abroad before, reading this book just might get you addicted to the idea of doing so. Yeah, it’s that good. 🙂


About Keith Hajovsky

Exploring and photographing different parts of the world is my passion, and I enjoy helping others do the same. Whether backpacking, staying in 5-star resorts or anything in between, I believe experiencing and interacting with other cultures enriches our lives and helps us to better understand the complex world we live in.
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  1. This is our plan for 2016 on…to live abroad, perhaps different places for half a year or so. This is a great book and I can’t wait to finish it!


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