Table Of Contents

How To Travel For Free (or pretty damn near it!) covers detailed information, tips, resources and our personal methods on the following chapters and subjects:

HTTFF cover 300px wideTransportation
Airplanes (including section on credit card churning)
Bus Lines

Home Exchanges
House Sitting & Caretaker Services
Homestays/Couch Surfing/Hospitality Exchanges
Monasteries & Convents
Farms & Agricultural Stays
Vacation Rentals
Bed & Breakfast Inns
Friend Network

Creative Ways to Travel
Working as You Travel
Crowd-Funded Travel
Becoming a Reviewer/Shopper
Contests & Sweepstakes
Jobs, Vacations & Sabbaticals

These chapters cover detailed subjects within the major aspects of travel: Transportation, Accommodations and Creative Ways to Travel; and in each section you will find useful tools sprinkled throughout. These sidebar tools give you Websites to check out on specific topics, Tips & Advice that share our personal experiences, Brainstorming sections where you can come up with your own creative ideas, Planning areas with checklists and other useful tools, and Testimonials from people who have successfully used our methods (hey, don’t take our word for it!).

In addition, an Introduction tells you more about us and how we’ve utilized the methods in this book; and a special section called Before you Go: Shelley and Keith’s Cheap Travel Basics outlines the major concepts involved in our methods of traveling for free. You will spend either money or time to travel, and here we explain exactly how that balancing act breaks down; as well as our rule about “slow travel” – the longer you travel, the cheaper it becomes; and the principle that where you travel matters a great deal in your budget.

Buy the book today, and make your travel dreams a reality! If you want to save yourself or someone else literally months  of research time and possibly hundreds or even thousands of travel dollars, then get your copy which can lead anyone to financial and personal travel freedom. It’s available in several versions, including downloadable PDF and softcover print. We all only have one life to live, so there is no better time to start than now!


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