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“A breezy read, the book offers practical advice on saving money, much of it culled from Seale and Hajovsky’s own travel experiences, in Asia, Europe and the U.S. In the book, the authors write extensively about home exchanges (whereby you swap your own home for someone else’s in another spot in the world, thereby eliminating the need for hotels, inns and hostels).”
Andrea Poe, The Washington Times

“Super thorough with tons of information and real-world resources. Also incredibly inspiring….makes me want to hit the road this afternoon!”
Angie Rose

“The most complete guide to budget travel I’ve ever seen, How to Travel for Free explores the many ways that you can reduce your travel costs to, yes, even free. I’ve not seen such a thorough guide to traveling inexpensively, and it is backed up by a plethora of personal experiences. From transportation to housing, How to Travel for Free covers it all – from the experts. I highly recommend it – I’ve traveled for years and years, and still learned quite a bit.”
Dr. Jessie Voigts, Editor, Wandering Educators

“This eBook is one of my top 4 budget travel guide reference books. I read this book before I set off on a 36 month around the world journey to 101 countries on all 7 continents. I have referred to it several times and in fact just went back to it last night to glean more information and tips on ride sharing for my travels in Scotland and Norway this month. It is clear, concise and to the point information on the mechanics on how to travel inexpensively. But much more than that it helps educate travelers and would be travelers of the shift in thinking about what travel really means and can be. The fact that slow, inexpensive or almost free travel really allows you to be a traveler and not a tourist and really connect with the people and the culture leaving you with experiences that are beyond what any tourist package tour could ever deliver and with way more money left in your wallet. I highly recommend this e-book for any traveler, experienced or just starting out. Enjoy!”
Jefre C. Outlaw

“Shelley Seale and Keith Hajovsky have, between them, traveled a good chunk of the world. From regular vacations to two-year sabbaticals, they’ve found a number of ways to travel for very little money. And their e-book How to Travel for Free (Or Pretty Damn Near It) is a massive collection of resources and experiential advice – for both people interested in reducing vacation expenses, as well as those looking to make travel a more permanent installation in their lives.”
Nora Dunn, The Professional Hobo

“Seale, a freelance travel writer, recognizes that there are many guides offering advice for traveling on the cheap; hers tells you how to travel not only cheaply, but free or close to it, based largely on personal experience. The book has chapters about travel’s major aspects—trans- portation, accommodations, and sightseeing—and one on creative ways to travel. Seale makes a couple of important points, such as: There is an inverse correlation between the amount of time you spend researching, planning, and taking a trip and the amount of money you’ll spend, and the longer your trip, the less expensive it becomes. The book covers in detail how to travel cheaply by airplane, train, rental car, ride sharing, bus, boat, ferry, bicycle, walking and even hitchhiking. It also gives an overview and description of all the different types of lodging—and, for those that typically involve a charge, ways to stay in them for cheap or free. Finally, Seale covers the issue of getting the time to travel.”
Melissa Gaskill, American Society of Journalists & Authors, ASJA Monthly 

“Shelley Seale and Keith Hajovsky have created a gem for travelers! How to Travel for Free (or pretty damn near it!) is a must have for every traveler, from budget to luxury, because no matter how you travel, it is a great resource. The book is a joy to read with an easy to follow format. Eye catching boxes direct you to checklists and resources. Photos compliment the text and the personal stories shared by both Shelley and Keith enhance your learning and enjoyment. Even for someone who has traveled extensively, the book has great discussions on the various segments of travel and pros and cons of each. Either in soft cover or Ebook, get it and you can begin to save on your next trip!”
Jane Stanfield, Author of Mapping Your Volunteer Vacation

“I highly recommend this book! It is chock full of great ideas for traveling on a limited amount of money. Most people think that extended travel is expensive, but these two authors have done an excellent job of illustrating how to travel for close to free. Their research is extensive and thorough and based on their own experiences as well as experiences of other travellers. I love how well organized the book is and as a result it is very easy to read and to use. Do not hesitate to order this book. It will expand your mind and how you approach traveling. There are so many good and creative ideas as well as many practical tips. Five stars!”
Peta Kaplan

“This is a great travel resource. The book has great layout and easy to follow examples of how either Shelley and Keith put these tips into actions or how other travels have done the same. There are easy to click links to lots of great resources. I learned new tips and resources through this book. A great book to have in your reference library.”
Tiffany Soukup

“Traveling for free is gonna take some time spent. But that’s actually part of what makes this kind of travel more worthwhile – and memorable. (Shelley and Keith) point out that international airfare is really the biggest expense (one you can work your way around with frequent flyer miles, signing up with cheap airline websites, or checking out air consolidators, which I had never heard of before), and once you’re in a place, there’s crazy amounts of ways to live on the cheap. The book covers the ins and outs of planes, trains, and automobiles – and the powerful free triumvirate of rideshares, walking, and hitchhiking – and where and when to do what. Shelley and Keith also give tips on accommodations beyond the normal hotels, vacation rentals, and even hostels.
With a section on creative ways to travel – such as bartering (or bartending) your way around the world, lots of great little worksheets, and tons of resources, I’m definitely referencing this book when I start to plan my next big adventure. Which knowing me, is probably soon. And all you naysayers, remember there is always a way!”
Christine Garvin, Living Holistically

“Who doesn’t want to learn how to travel more for less money? Not only is this book fun, but it’s well organized. You’ll find tips, links, illustrations, even spaces for your notes. It’s packed with stuff I should have known, but didn’t. You’ll be presented with surprising ways of getting around, not just planes and trains, but bicycling and ferry boats, even hitchhiking. This isn’t just for tourist-minded explorers, as Seale has included a helpful section about working abroad. Her writing style makes you want to discover more. It’s rare when a reference book is such a pleasure to read.”
Roberta Beach Jacobson,

“I’ve spent the last 3 years traveling through 38 countries…I don’t know of a better resource than this book for short-term or long-term travelers alike. It’s packed with lots of practical tips and tricks that even veteran travelers may not know about. A “must read” book for anyone who’s planning a trip!”
John Langford

“Very comprehensive and should be an asset to anyone looking to travel cheaply.”
Jon and Jenny Stark,

“Great book – I bought the Kindle version over the weekend. Great tips, perfect length. I’m going to be using it a lot – quitting my job and will be traveling for a few months or years – Europe, Asia, maybe S. America/Australia. Loved what you said about traveling light – and the more you travel the less you pack. ”
Steve Hill

“I love the tone of this book, both encouraging and practical. The authors are determined to show that money is not a prerequisite for travel – time, organization, and a bit of daring are really all you need. How to Travel for Free is also chock full of useful information. The section of frequent flier miles has many useful tips that I plan to implement immediately. I also found the section on home exchanges inspiring and intend to give it a try in the immediate future. Are you interested in taking longer and better trips for less money? Than this is the book for you.”
Mara Gorman, The Mother of all Trips

“Sure it’s easy to say ‘there’s no way anyone can travel for free’ (and I was one of those people saying that until recently), but there really is, and this book gives a lot of great tips and advice, and tons of links and resources to use. The resources are important, because some of these methods I’d heard of before, but would not have known how to go about implementing them…I’d have googled them, then spent a lot of time trying to figure out which resources are good and which ones aren’t. And there were a number of methods I’d not heard of, but am now considering! All in all I’m glad I bought this book, and will be referring back to it many times as I’m learning and traveling.”

“I already had a pretty good handle on how to travel cheaply, but this book was worth the $10 for the handful of little tips I’d never thought of and that I hope will save me much more than the purchase price. A quick read, and it’ll get you inspired to get out there and make things happen.”
Killian Piraro

“I read your book and I absolutely love it! I love the concept and think you did a really great job of making it a useful guide with good examples and suggestions on how readers can incorporate your recommendations. While reading your book, I made some notes on alternatives we could do to keep the costs down and still go. Thanks for helping a fairly seasoned traveler!”
Casey Wohl, The Getaway Girl

“Electronic copy is worth every penny. Nice, condensed, easy read to jump start your travel plans, on a budget. The airline tips, suggestions for home exchanges, and other cheap lodging ideas are worth the price alone!”
Greg R.

“I have a feeling this book will soon be my travel Bible! My husband and I will be empty nesters within the next 2 years, and the information in this book seems easy to implement in our upcoming change of lifestyle. I have always wanted a “career” in travel, and Shelley and Keith’s tips and advice will not only help us in the area of personal travel, but just may help me get my foot in the door for the dream as well. I highly recommend this publication.”
Jenny Metcalf Butkus

“On my journeys, I have acquired a lot of knowledge, skills & experience, but I am always looking for more & better ways to see the world. This book had so much new information for me that I felt like a novice traveler again. Shelley & Keith shared a lot of things I never even thought about before! I love how concise the book is & its format is clear & easy to follow. I appreciate how they share both the good & the ‘what to watch out for’ in different situations. Since I like to make lists & jot things down, I appreciate the pages where you can do this. From now on whenever someone says to me, ‘I don’t have enough money to travel,’ I will tell them, ‘I have the perfect book for you!’ I would highly recommend this to my friends who love to travel. It is nice to have this type of information all in one concise book. Kudos for an excellent publication!”
Barb Hautanen, Editor

“I am a travel addict & have been fortunate enough to travel to all the continents except Antarctica. On my journeys, I have acquired a lot of knowledge, skills & experience, but I am always looking for more & better ways to see the world. This book had so much new information for me that I felt like a novice traveler again. Shelley & Keith shared a lot of things I never even thought about before! I love how concise the book is & its format is clear & easy to follow. I appreciate how they share both the good & the ‘what to watch out for’ in different situations. Since I like to make lists & jot things down, I was happy with the pages where you can do this. From now on whenever someone says to me, “I don’t have enough money to travel.”, I will tell them, “I have the perfect book for you!”

“Global nomads and authors Shelley Seale and Keith Hajovsky are at it again! Not only do they share tips for saving money, landing the best airfares, but in this updated version, they include testimonials from travelers who have used their tips and benefitted from the experience! Please do yourself a favor and purchase this gem of a book today to start planning your trips for the new year!”
Shelley Bueche, Freelance Writer

“This book is a gold mine of ideas and resources for those individuals new to travel and even for the veterans of world wide travel. I like the way this book is organized. It’s going to be a great resource for us and I only wish we had it 15 years ago when we first started traveling because it would have given us ideas for traveling longer and less expensively. After reading this book there is no reason to NOT travel. If you have ever dreamed of traveling the world but couldn’t see how you could afford it this book is for YOU. Shelley makes it possible with a little research and planning for any budget range. Not to mention great ideas to travel in unconventional ways which provide the best experiences!”
Diana Crane

“From advice on finding cheap airfares in Europe to tips on home exchange services, How to Travel for Free proves that you can enjoy less expensive and more meaningful travel at any age.”
Michele Peterson, Travel columnist, Fifty-five Plus Magazine

“I thought I would never find a travel book that could tell me something I didn’t know. This one did the trick! Shelley Seale and Keith Hajovsky achieved something great here: they have produced a highly readable book which is also jam-packed with information, links and tips. The book is useful for business people and families looking to stretch their vacation dollars, for college students looking to maximize the time they can stay away on their savings, and for recent graduates just starting out in low-paying jobs, who want to see the world without breaking the bank. One thing that really resonated with me was the description of how much more you can experience if you stay away from tourist traps. Just being in the midst of locals– shopping, eating, traveling and doing things at local prices– can expose you to sights, sounds and tastes that you would completely miss if you went on a guided tour. This is a useful reminder that even if you can afford to spend more, maybe it’s not the wisest thing to do. Kudos to Shelley and Keith for opening the door to many more people to find a way to do this.”
Michelle Cook, Scene East

“I found this book amazingly helpful and informative. I love to travel but don’t have enough money to do it very often. I have started using and other tools from the book to track my points and rewards for free trips. I have also realized that it takes a lot of time and work but it’s worth it if you love to travel and want to travel more. I’m a fan!”
D. Mester

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