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Friday Travel Dreaming – 5/3/13

It’s that time of the week again, keep the dream alive and keep traveling! Haute Hostels Put To The Test Hotels in Europe can be quite expensive, especially with the US dollar so weak over there like it has been … Continue reading

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Friday Travel Dreaming – 4/26/13

For all you trave addicts out there this week we bring you: University Travel: 10 Ways Students Can Globe-Trot For Free Money is almost always tight for students who want to travel, and this article spells out ten great avenues … Continue reading

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Making Money While On The Road

One of the biggest potential obstacles to long-term travel is being able to sustain yourself financially while no longer having a ‘regular’ job. We hear this from people who work for someone else as well as from people who work … Continue reading

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Great Airline Point Credit Card Offer For British Airways!

Last week Shelley and I got back from our amazing trip to Kenya and Tanzania, and like we so often do for our trips we used airline points to get our roundtrip tickets. This of course saved us a TON … Continue reading

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Stretch Your Travel Dollars By Going To Fascinating Yet Still Inexpensive Countries Like Laos

Shelley and I just got back from our 9-day trip to Laos on Wednesday, and we had an awesome time!  Much to my pleasant surprise, despite articles like this that have come out over the last several years, it is … Continue reading

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Save Money Staying At Inexpensive, Yet Clean And Safe, Guesthouses

All of you already know that accommodations can take a serious bite out of your travel budgets, especially if you are staying at four and five star hotels. Heck, you can spend a lot of money even staying at ‘only’ … Continue reading

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The Roses Travel Throughout North America On The Cheap!

Today we have a guest post from my friend, Greg Rose. He and his wife, Angie, are in the midst of an amazing trip throughout many of the most beautiful places in North America. And they are doing it very inexpensively! … Continue reading

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How To Get The Best Airfare

Anyone who loves to travel knows that one of the biggest expenses, if not THE biggest expense, can be your airfare. Sure, getting a free ticket with airline points is a fantastic way to get rid of this cost, and … Continue reading

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Free Spain: 9 Fantastic Things to Do for Free in Extremadura

Our guest writer today is Will Peach who is one of the site editors over at Gap Daemon, the gap year travel community website for backpackers and gap year travelers. Enjoy! Despite having a reputation as one of the “cheapest” … Continue reading

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How To Volunteer Overseas Without Paying An Expensive Agency

Today we have a guest post from Sarah who started a great website called The Ethical Volunteer, a site dedicated to accessing information on how to volunteer overseas without having to go through an expensive agency, and which addresses both … Continue reading

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