Share Your Best Budget Travel Tip, and Win a Free Magazine Subscription

Natl GeoWe always love to read through travel-related magazines to find great ideas about new places to visit and interesting travel information in general. The fresh perspectives and beautiful photos help us keep strong appetites for new adventures. And with today’s technology it’s so easy, and usually much more convenient, to get magazine content on electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets and desktops.

And today we’re announcing a magazine giveaway contest where 10 people will win a COMPLETELY FREE digital subscription to the magazine of their choice from Zinio, the world’s largest newstand! Zinio has over 5,500 publications that you can choose from – publications that of course include travel, but there’s just about everything else in the world included as well. And just for the record, Zinio constantly runs some great specials, like the one where you get a two year subscription for the price of one which runs through September 12. What a great deal!

“So how do I enter?”

IslandsWell, for the next three weeks (contest ends October 1 at midnight, CST) we’ll be asking you, our dear readers, to share some of your own tips on how you have traveled for free or really close to it. Basically, we’re looking for any and all new ideas on how to best stretch your travel dollars. You can put these ideas in the comments section of this blog piece, or you can share them on our Facebook page. And yes, you are allowed to add as many ideas as you’d like.

When the three weeks is up we’ll choose ten of the best ideas, and the people who shared those ideas will receive a free subscription from Zinio. However, only one free subscription per person is allowed, and do know that the subscription length depends on which magazine is chosen (you can see how long they are on their website). Likewise, we reserve the right to use your wonderful ideas in the next edition of our book. By October 8 we’ll announce the winners for all to see.

How does that sound? Are you guys ready? Let the great budget travel idea extravaganza begin NOW!

Travel well!

About Keith Hajovsky

Exploring and photographing different parts of the world is my passion, and I enjoy helping others do the same. Whether backpacking, staying in 5-star resorts or anything in between, I believe experiencing and interacting with other cultures enriches our lives and helps us to better understand the complex world we live in.
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12 Responses to Share Your Best Budget Travel Tip, and Win a Free Magazine Subscription

  1. Ryan Elward says:

    I traveled to Kinshasa , DRC and Moscow, Russia for free, however a Church paid for me. 🙂 Taught in a school in Kinshasa. I suggest finding a program that runs schools or teaches a trade you are interested in. Mine just happened to be the Bible at the time.


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  3. Laura Shirey says:

    If possible, be flexible with your travel days. By moving my flights one day each way, I was recently able to cut my costs by more than half!


    • Keith Hajovsky says:

      You saved more than 50% on your flight?! Awesome! As we always say, one of the best ways to save money while traveling is try to be as flexible as you can with everything. This is a perfect example, thanks for sharing!


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  5. I saved any dollar bills and coins I had in a gallon jug for 6 months and before I went to Europe, I cashed it in. I ended up with $700, which paid for my flight. It felt free, because it was money I didn’t really account for and forgot about by putting it in the jug. I still do this so any trip becomes cheaper.


  6. When we travel we camp a lot. This saves us a TON of money. I’ve heard many horror stories (sore backs, leaks, coldness, ect) from others that have tried camping and they have indeed sounded horrible. BUT- if you get proper gear I find camping to be preferable in many instances. I don’t have worry about when the last time a blanket on a bed was washed, no noisy midnight doors slamming in paper thin hallways, listening directly to the sounds of waves crashing, rivers running and what have you. Camping draws a certain amount of welcome attention. In a lot of instances the majority of travelers don’t camp, so when you’re in the minority that do, locals are interested and conversations start that wouldn’t have other wise. This has lead to invitations and contacts with locals. The key most important thing about camping is to find the gear that you love and works for you. When I have to replace gear I often buy the same exact item again because I know it will serve me well. Camping has allowed us to literally travel for months on end where as paying for hotels, hostels or having to make a very specific itinerary with couch surfing would have prohibited us a lot more from exploring.


    • Keith Hajovsky says:

      I totally agree! Camping has a lot of pluses to it, especially if you have the right gear, and the savings can be immense, especially in more expensive countries. Thanks!


  7. Congratulations Ryan, Laura, twentysomethingtravel and vagabondway – you have won free magazine subscriptions for sharing your excellent budget travel tips with us! Look for a personal message about this, and our announcement post coming out this afternoon!


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