Friday Travel Dreaming – 6/14/13

This week’s Friday Travel Dreaming roundup!

Couchsurfing For Food – Meal Sharing Connects Travelers & Locals Over Dinner

mealsharing-berlinWe’ve seen some websites that are focused on having meals with locals, but this is the first one we’ve come across that doesn’t require any transfer of money. So it’s basically the of food. A great way to meet interesting people from different cultures all over the world while you’re on the road yourself or even while you’re home.

5 Countries To Visit For Under $500

Buenos-Aires-Argentina.jpg.pagespeed.ic.rnUc2F9XwEAs we often say one of the best ways to stretch your travel dollars is to pick places that are less expensive to travel in to begin with. Hey, I love Western Europe just as much as anyone else, but given the costs there in general and the terrible exchange rate for the US dollar at this point in time you have to work at it a lot harder to travel there on a budget. This article rightly covers some wonderful countries to visit that won’t make you painfully cringe every time your order a beer at a restaurant.

6 Tips For Budget Travel In Europe

budget_travel_provence_franceSo say you really really DO want to travel to Europe, here are six great tips on how to do it as inexpensively as possible. It covers things like when to go, where to go, how to get around, and where to stay. As mentioned above it is more difficult to travel to Europe on a budget, but it’s certainly do-able and of course it’s certainly worth the effort for what you can get out of a trip there.

Travel Contests And Giveaways

mapWin a 12 Day Vacation for 2 to Italy!

Enter this contest to win a free trip for two to San Francisco!

Win a trip around the world with Radisson!

Win a trip to Geneva!



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Exploring and photographing different parts of the world is my passion, and I enjoy helping others do the same. Whether backpacking, staying in 5-star resorts or anything in between, I believe experiencing and interacting with other cultures enriches our lives and helps us to better understand the complex world we live in.
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