Friday Travel Dreaming – 5/17/13

This week’s highlights of budget travel insights!

Flight Problem? Complain The Right Way To Rake In Mileage Points

AirportIf you travel often enough eventually you are going to have a bad flight experience. Whether it’s a big flight delay, a missed connecting flight, some other horrible service issue or a combination of these, it’s never any fun. But since you have to go through it anyway you may as well take advantage of the situation and try to extract as many free mileage points as you can. Sometimes you can get so many points that you almost hope the experience happens again.

Score A Trip To St. Lucia With A Travel Contest By Lucky Magazine!

may-stlucia-sweepsThis travel contest is very easy to enter, and there’s no purchase required. The prize is for a $6,000 trip for two to St. Lucia which includes airfare. Entries must be received by June 24, 2013. May as well give it a try!

Frugal Family Camping Trips

Young father poses with children in tentCamping can be a great way to travel on a budget, and this article gives some great pointers on how to make your camping experiences even less expensive. Things like cost-sharing with other families, finding less expensive or even free camping fees, and inexpensive camping gear are covered.

New York Times Article On A 67 Year Old Mother Traveling The World On Tight Budget

IMG_7990.jpgThis woman is AWESOME! She is a ‘normal’ person who had a ‘normal’ job throughout her working life, but even during the years she was employed she made a point of living simply and traveling inexpensively, so that she could travel throughout her life. And now that she’s retired she is seeing even more of the world. The only thing I would like to add specifically to the article is that hostels are more and more open to travelers of all ages. No need to worry that they are only for people in their 20’s and 30’s.

About Keith Hajovsky

Exploring and photographing different parts of the world is my passion, and I enjoy helping others do the same. Whether backpacking, staying in 5-star resorts or anything in between, I believe experiencing and interacting with other cultures enriches our lives and helps us to better understand the complex world we live in.
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