Smartphone Travel Tips From CheapDeep!

A good friend of ours runs a Facebook page called CheapDeep. Just like us, he believes in cutting costs wherever possible while still having a fairly high standard of living. And given that more and better travel is so important to the quality of our lives, we’ve decided to share some of CheapDeep’s travel tips using smartphones which are so prevalent now, even while on the road.

Smartphones save a fortune on travel expenses.  Here are a few app’s that I use to make traveling effortless, affordable and more fun.

  • Tripit – All you have to do is forward your email confirmation to and this awesome app organizes your hotel, flight & car rental reservations in one convenient place.
  • Truphone – Allows you to make almost free calls over wifi while traveling internationally.  Save a fortune on roaming charges.   Another good alternative is Skype or Google Voice.  On a recent trip, I forwarded calls to my cell phone to my Google Voice number.  I was able to answer calls for free over wifi and my clients didn’t even realize I was 10,000 miles away.  How cool is that?
  • Pinger –  Allows you to make free calls and send free text messages over wifi.
  •  WikiTravel – Better (and lighter) than any guidebook you can buy, WikiTravel is chock full of great places to eat and stay.  The information is usually from locals so you get a really authentic travel experience. Use the offline WikiTravel app and you don’t even need wifi.
  • Take a picture of your passports and visa and store than in your phone.  I also do this with my driver’s license.  All password protected of course.

  • Google Earth – Just fun to use when you are at a cool exotic location with wifi.
  • Subway Maps – There’s an app for that.  Whatever city you are going to, download the public transportation app ahead of time and you won’t have to be one of those tourist staring at the map at Penn Station.
  • Groupon – When I’m traveling domestically, I use Groupon and other similar site for cool local experiences.
  • As soon as you get ont the plane, put your phone on AIRPLANE MODE.  Mobile companies have changed their rules so as soon as your phone picks up a signal at your destination, you are billed ridiculous roaming charges whether you pick up the phone or now.  Once you get to your destination, use wifi and the apps above to make calls, send text and check voicemail.

Happy trails!


For more of CheapDeeps’s pointers on how to save money on all sorts of things check out his Facebook page. Because the more inexpensively you can live, the more you can travel!


About Keith Hajovsky

Exploring and photographing different parts of the world is my passion, and I enjoy helping others do the same. Whether backpacking, staying in 5-star resorts or anything in between, I believe experiencing and interacting with other cultures enriches our lives and helps us to better understand the complex world we live in.
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One Response to Smartphone Travel Tips From CheapDeep!

  1. Deep Nasta says:

    One last tip: My favorite credit card is not a miles card but a hotel card, the Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card from American Express. Using this card, I’ve stayed in 5 star hotels in New York to Hong Kong for 7000 points (about $70). There is a $50 annual fee but it’s well worth it since 7000 points isn’t even a 1/4th of a ticket on any airline.


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