Peter Greenberg’s 5 Secrets to Summer Travel

Here at How to Travel for Free, we love Peter Greenberg! He has some terrific budget travel tips to save big money, as well as general tips to make travel easier. Resources on his website helped us get big miles from United recently, after a bad air travel experience. Peter has even interviewed me on his radio show!

Recently, Peter shared his top 5 secrets to surviving summer travel — and we want to share them with you.

Yes, the economy is struggling, but airlines are raking in the profits. In fact, they collected $3.4 billion in ancillary fees in 2011. Airlines have raised prices 10 times in the last 12 month. And fares are up across the board–Las Vegas is up 20 percent and Cancun is up 26.

Peter joined the team at CBS This Morning to share his five secrets to surviving summer travel. From avoiding sky high fees to the right time to buy tickets, watch as Peter proves that saving money with summer travel is possible as long as you’re open minded about where and when you travel.

Follow along for the 5 summer travel secrets:


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