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Recently I learned about from Wandering Educators, the global community of educators sharing travel experiences. Tripping is a global travel hosting community, where people can connect in over 175 countries for travel tips, shared cups of coffee, rideshares and homestays. Tripping is safe, free and good for the world.

Today’s guest post from Dr. Jessie Voigts of Wandering Educators shares more about the Tripping concept, and communities on Tripping such as the Wandering Educators’ Network.

French Tripper with NYC host

Is your idea of a great trip include getting off the beaten path, traveling for less, interacting with locals, and learning about the culture and place?

My most memorable travel moments don’t cost a lot of money – but they almost always involve locals. Sometimes it is watching the sunset on a beach, talking with someone who lives there and learning about the history behind the beach; or spending the morning sitting on a sunny porch, enjoying coffee with a new friend. It could be going on a horseback ride and discovering places that tourists never see, or meeting another family for an impromptu playdate in a park.

Tripping in the Big Apple

But how to facilitate these encounters? One of the best ways to meet locals, for free, is

Tripping is a social hospitality network, similar to Couchsurfing.  We spoke with Anis Salvesen, of, to get the basics:

Please tell us about Tripping…

Anis: Tripping is a social travel site that connects travelers with local people for tips, shared cups of coffee and home stays in over 175 countries. By providing a safe and easy way for travelers to engage in cultural exchange, Tripping can transform a simple vacation into a meaningful, life-changing experience. In addition to connecting travelers with locals, Tripping also aggregates and offers local home rentals. From Fijian bungalows to New York City lofts, travelers can use Tripping to step off the tourist path and stay in unique local spaces in over 15,000 cities worldwide.

Travelers can also go to Tripping Answers and post a question which is seen in the Q&A section of other like-minded travel sites. This gives travelers access to the collective knowledge of over 1 million travelers and locals.  It’s a great place to find inspiration when planning your next adventure as well as for helping others get the inside scoop.

Trippers from Europe enjoy home cooked meal with California Trippers

How can you interact on Tripping?

Our travel site for global educators, WanderingEducators, has partnered with Tripping to create a Wandering Educators network of like-minded individuals. There are also many other networks that you can join – from AARP to DIWYY (Do it While You’re Young), Peace Corps, Volunteering, Family Travel, Meet Plan Go, and more. If you have a specific interest, you’ll find it on Tripping. You’ll meet new friends that can inspire trips – and even Trip with them!

You can also interact and meet with people outside of these groups, of course. Make travel plans, sleep on a couch, or meet to learn something new wherever you’re traveling. Heading to Bogotá? Connect before you go, online, and then meet for salsa dancing or playing tejo. Flying into Chicago and have a one-day layover? Take your kids to Millenium Park downtown, and meet another family to play in the fountain and enjoy your espresso from Intelligentsia, while your kids make new friends, and you do, too. Have a week in Inverness? Learn from locals, and discover Clava Cairns, watch the dolphins cavorting at Chanonry Point, and share a meal in their home.

S’mores in the East Village, NYC

You can also host – for people that are coming through wherever you live. Feel free to offer them a place to sleep, a meal, or take them around and show them the things you love about your locale. For visitors that come our way, we always have kayaks and a sailboat available at our lake home, to get out and explore nature. Or, I might take visitors to Grand Rapids, to explore Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park, or head to Lake Michigan and swim in the big lake (well, if it’s late summer and warm enough). You might want to meet for coffee, or take in a free art festival that weekend.

Dr. Jessie Voigts is the publisher of, a travel library for global educators.  You can find her on Tripping – just waiting to host someone to kayak on their rural lake!

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