Some More Great Ideas For Saving Money On Your Travels

Just as The Dallas Morning News article below says, 2011 is supposed to bring higher prices for airfares, hotels and travel in general. So it’s now even more important for you to look for ways to save money and get the most out of your travel dollars.  Check out these money-saving tips and useful websites, and please feel free to let all of us know about any tips or websites that you find particularly useful!

11 money-saving travel tips

“Bargain-hunters will need to be craftier when booking a trip if they want to get the best prices this year.

It’s no secret that airfares are up, and added fees for everything from checked bags to exit-row seats are increasing the cost of flying. On top of that, hotel bargains are expected to be harder to come by as business travelers begin to return, diminishing the need for hotels to discount rooms.

There are still plenty of ways to cut costs, though. Here are 11 strategies and some useful websites to help you save on travel this year…”

And ladies, you don’t have to sacrifice beauty and glamour just because you’re traveling on the cheap. Check out writer Myscha Theriault’s article 5 Cheap Ways to Glam it up on the Road. Also, she shares some terrific ideas for using contractor’s bags as cheap travel gear.

Travel Tips on raveable

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